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Help your customers discover you easier by being on the first page of Google. Get the exposure that you deserve and that your business is looking for.

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We help you drive more customers to your website. Our strategies have been proven over and over again and we keep testing new things to stay on top of Googles algorithm.

More Revenue

You will be amazed by the amount of inquiries that will be coming in once you are on the first page. Your business will skyrocket with us.

What We Deliver



We are here to help you make money by dominating the front page of google for years to come with our SEO expertise. Our prices are affordable and the best part is we offer 100% money back guarantee if we don’t hit our targets.


Team Work

We work side by side like partners, I give out my personal number and personal email to make sure that anyone of my clients can contact me at anytime whether it be a question you would like to ask, a problem you want to resolve or even for an update, we are happy to hear from you. We are here to help.



Communication for us is vital, we don’t take your project and never get back to you, No! We have monthly reports sent to you to keep everyone in the loop, and as mentioned an open door policy for our personal contact details available 24/7.



Google’s algorithm is constantly updating, so it is essential for us to keep on top of our industry. So we are part of well recognized groups in our industry joined by the top players of SEO to share strategies and knowledge to benefit our clients.


What We Do

If your website is new, has dived in the search results or disappeared completely, we can help you.

No matter what state the website ranking is in, we have helped hundreds just like you who have now become life time friends because of our results. We research the issue, tailor a plan to correct it and execute what is needed to be done to achieve your desired outcome.

We have over 15 years IM and SEO experience and  would see our selves as ‘your partner’ in helping you get your website ranked where you want it to be. We personally guarantee you ranked or your money back.

We pride ourselves in the personal service we offer, with nothing outsourced and as our overheads are kept low low by this we offer a real value for money service.

Google SEO Rankings

We have the experience to not only get your website on page one, but also your YouTube Video, Facebook Page etc. Refer to Case Studies below.

Worry Free Agreements

We only come to an agreement you are happy with, no lock in contracts.

Manage Social Media

We have years of experience at this. And not just YouTube, Facebook and Google+ but the 495 other social media platforms

Personal Service

If you phone us Jeremy will answer and is probably working on your account at the time. Nothing is outsourced.

Nothing Outsourced

We have been doing this for years and know intimately what Google wants. We insist on doing everything ourselves to ensure full control and the very best quality of work.

Multi Media Publishing

Google insists on the Full array of media used on websites and social media platforms and we embrace it.

Press Releases

We write, place and syndicate (after your approval) press releases on the highest quality global news sites to assist in ranking your website.

Guaranteed Results

If we don’t deliver our work and get your website ranked page 1, we give you your money back. Its what we would like if we were the customer so we insist on it.

Our Clients have Included …

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Case Study One

A leading Australian night club had used two unethical SEO agencies over recent years and a third was employed to recover their spammy techniques and non compliant methods that had caused the website to fall into a Panda and Penguin penalty. By way of an industry referral, we were engaged to correct the mess and as the testimonial below notes, it took just two weeks for them to be back on page one!

Case Study Two

The author of Scars Run Deep asked in January 2015 for us to assist have his book and Amazon listing found at the top of page one. Within four weeks the Scars Run Deep website, Amazon listing, and YouTube video were brought out of penalty to dominate the top of page one . The client requested if press releases and his Good Reads listing could be ranked also and all of our clients listings are still dominating page one today.

Case Study Three

Eliza of Sydney’s CBD Natural Health contacted us to fix her SEO that was stopping her from ranking higher than she was. We kept her fully informed on our findings and as to what was needed to be done. The site was subject to a Penguin penalty and it took just several weeks to recover her site from this and achieve number one spot for Naturopath  Sydney search result where it is still ranked today.

What Clients Are Saying About Our Services…

"I could not be happier that I chose to use Safe SEO to fix my issues! They kept me fully informed as to what he was doing and in no time I was in number one spot for Naturopath Sydney and Sydney Naturopath in Google's search results."

− Eliza - CBD Natural Health

"We had tried three other SEO agencies over three years and Safe SEO took two weeks to get us our of penalty and on page one. They delivered where others just had excuses. I strongly recommend them."

− Peter - Sydney Night Club

"I needed my book Scars Run Deep to be found and in four weeks they had the website, Facebook page, Video and Amazon listing all on page one. I definitely recommend them to rank your website"

− Mark Mansfield - Author

"I have had years of doing SEO but Safe SEO is at the cutting edge of it today and has been for some time"

− William - Scotland

"Safe SEO, I am astounded - you are magicians!"

− Laszlo - Your Mates Removals, Sydney

Welcome, I am James Douglas, principal of Safe SEO Services. Over the past few years I have done all the things you can do in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). My passion is SEO as it is forever changing and a challenge to keep ahead of the search engines.

The depth of knowledge we have is invaluable in helping you.  I don’t just know the theory, I have Mastered it through doing it.

We pride ourselves in the personal service we deliver and the money back guarantee we offer. We have ranked against our own competition in Sydney and different areas, so if we can do this against our own competition who are already doing SEO, imagine what we can do for your business against YOUR competition.

We are here to help you dominate your competition and increase your revenue, that is our sole objective. Skyrocket your business today with our help, we offer free consultation and money back guarantee.

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Written Guarantee  “Agreed Ranking or Your Money Back”

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